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Difficult to feel good and look your best in your wheelchair? At MOS, we don’t think so! MOS makes unique fashions that are perfectly tailored to a seated position.

The MOS collection consists of fashionable adaptive clothing for wheelchair users, such as jackets, capes and lap blankets. Our aim is to give you more independence and increase your self-confidence. That’s why at MOS we design our clothing with comfort, freedom of movement and easy dressing and undressing in mind.

Our vision: Where fashion meets you!



Our designs help make getting dressed easier:
– Perfect fit in a seated position
– Longer at the front to drape over your knees
– Hemline at the back finishes at the seat
– Prevents pressure sores (decubitus)
– Extra-long pull tabs on zippers
– Flat, easy-to-use magnetic closures
– Easy to put on and take off, for users and caregivers




At MOS we strive to work as sustainably as possible.

We do this in the following ways:
Slow fashion: MOS’ products are made-to-order. As a result, little stock is required. In addition, we limit fabric waste by placing the patterns on the fabric as efficiently as possible, leaving little fabric unused.
Sustainable shipping: All our packages in the Netherlands are delivered by bicycle couriers: “Green and fast delivery”.
Labor: All our products are made in our studio in the Netherlands.
Sustainability through quality: We deliver quality through high-quality fabric choices and high-quality manufacturing.
Materials: We are working towards offering more sustainable fabrics and haberdasheries in the future.

  • Slow fashion – 90%
  • Sustainable shipping – 80 %
  • Made in Holland – 100%
  • Sustainability through quality – 95%
  • Materials – 20%

What we offer at mos

MOS offers a collection of capes and jackets for people with an orthosis or in a wheelchair. These adapted capes are ideal for you because you can easily put them on and take them off yourself. But also, because they substantially reduce the physical burden on a possible caregiver while taking care of someone. With these capes, dressing goes faster and causes less pain.

In order to make optimal use of the wheelchair, it is very important that your clothes do not affect the fit. We have already taken this into account in our collections. But this certainly does not take away the fact that every customer has their own wishes. That is why we offer the option to adjust our capes and jackets to everyone’s wishes as much as possible. For example, we can change the back panel so that the jacket/cape falls between the back and the orthosis. Or we change the back panel so that the jacket/cape falls over the orthosis with cutouts for the headrest and push bars if desired.

“The name MOS comes from the little green plant that carries the same name (moss). Moss grows in nature as a soft extra layer on trees and rocks. With that, it symbolises what MOS wants to offer people with a sedentary lifestyle: clothes that feel like a second skin.”

The story behind MOS

I, Alicia de Groot, brought the MOS brand to life in 2016. At fashion school, I spent years laying the technical foundation for my work. After completing my studies, I continued on to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), where I further developed my technical skills and my own style.

For my graduation project, I chose fashion for people with a sedentary lifestyle. This type of clothing matches my love for the technical side of fashion. Making clothes for people in wheelchairs is particularly a technical process: a perfect fit is of the utmost importance.

During my graduation, about 250,000 people in the Netherlands were dependent on a wheelchair. I found the size of the group astonishing. I soon found out that there is little fashion available for this target group, especially for young people. One plus one is two.

After graduating, I wanted to continue in this field. So at the beginning of 2016, I founded the brand MOS. I’m convinced that there should be stylish clothing for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Fashion for everyone – that is the philosophy behind MOS.

I myself am not dependent on a wheelchair, nor did I, at the time of my graduation, I didn’t have anyone in my immediate surroundings who was in a wheelchair. A few years ago, my grandmother became dependent on a wheelchair, due to dementia. She is my great role model, she could do everything on the sewing machine. A year before I started MOS, she developed dementia, so unfortunately she didn’t get to see me creating my own brand. She does, however, wear a beautiful cape of mine!

What do I do besides MOS? I love to work in the garden for hours and I have noticed that it really clears my head after a busy workday. Besides picking weeds, I harvest quite a bit from my vegetable garden in the summer. This is why you can always find me in the kitchen to turn the harvest into meals. I also exercise regularly so I can carry the heavy rolls of fabric myself. 😉

Team MOS

Meet our team!
Driven – Passionate – Creative – Enthusiastic – Sociable

Alicia de Groot

Alicia de Groot


Claudia de Zwarte

Claudia de Zwarte

Personal assistant

Anja Aartsen

Anja Aartsen

Online content creator

Sandra van den Barselaar

Sandra van den Barselaar

Freelance seamstress

Esther Vijftigschild

Esther Vijftigschild

Pattern maker

Kyra Kwakkenbos

Kyra Kwakkenbos


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