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Is feeling and looking good in your wheelchair not an easy task? We would like to see that differently!
MOS creates outdoor fashion designed for the seated position. That’s why our collections consist of fashionable clothing adapted to the seated frame. We strive to boost your self-reliance and your self-confidence. MOS keeps into account your comfort, freedom of movement and how easy you can change out of our clothing yourself. We attach the same amount of worth to style as we do to practicability. Thats why we strive to conceal the adjustment as good as possible.

MOS! Where fashion meets you!

Our services

The collection of MOS are specially designed for people with a orthosis or wheelchair. We try to make them so you can easily change in and out of them on your own. Because of the way our capes are bilt the strain on patient and caregiver is highly reduced, this means that you are quicker done and experience les pain.

We offer you a great quality cape or jacket made to fit your needs. If you have quations or would like alterations that ar not an option in our webshop. please do contact us, it is possible to costuming or products on een sertain level

In our webshop you can choose yourself what colours you would like .But you can also choose if you would like a hood or not. and how think you want the lining.

We work with a thin lining and a think padded lining This is why we can offer you a spring/autumn model and a winter model. For our summer models we doe not use any lining to accommodate for the heat.


“The name MOS origins from a plant moss (in dutch mos)
Moss grows in nature as a soft layer of protection over trees and rocks
With MOS we want to simulatie that same feeling, we would like our clothing to fit you like a glove.

The Story behind MOS

MOS was created by me, Alicia de Groot, in 2016.I spent years learning to build the technical foundation for my work at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).My graduation project was fashion for people with a wheelchair or an orthosis. This type of clothing was a way to challenge myself because making clothing for people in a wheelchair is in the first place a technical process: the fit is of the outmost importance.

When I was studying, there were about 250.000 people that depended on a wheelchair to move around. That amount of people was really surprising to me. I soon found out that there was barely any clothing for this target audience, more so for the youth. It had to be fate.

After finishing my studies, I wanted to develop myself more  in this field. In 2016 I started the brand MOS because I strongly believe that there has to be fashionable clothing for people in a wheelchair. It is not without reason that the philosophy behind MOS: Fashion for everyone. 

I am not dependent on a wheelchair and had, when I was graduating, no one in my  immediate vicinity that was in a wheelchair. How ever a few years ago, my grandmother got diagnosed with dementia and beacause of this she had to start using a wheelchair. She is the person I look up to and the one that i gave me, my passion for sewing. Sadly she got diagnosed a year before I started MOS, This meant that she was not able to witness me starting my own brand. She is however able to make good use of one of my own capes.

What I like doing when I am not working? I can work in my garden for hours. It clears my head. We even have a little area set up in our garden for me to grow my own vegetables etc. I also like cooking. You can always wake me up for food, especially breakfast! I eat Vegan because my body hasn’t handled meat and dairy that well,Also because i think it’s important to contribute something to reduce climat change.

Team MOS

Meet our team!

Driven – Passionate – Creative – Enthousiastic – Social.

Alicia de Groot

Alicia de Groot


Anja Aartsen

Anja Aartsen

Online content creator

Claudia de Zwarte

Claudia de Zwarte

Personal assistant

Asdren Zuhranaj

Asdren Zuhranaj

Student International Business and Languages

Sylvia van Roekel

Sylvia van Roekel

Intern Fashion

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