Hi, welcome at MOS

Where Fashion
Meets you!

Is feeling and looking good in your wheelchair not an easy task?
At MOS we see that in a different way!
We make stylish items for the caring sector and the private sector.
We strive to boost your self-reliance and your confidence.

We believe that staying in contact with customers is very important:
♡ Just call Alicia when you have questions (she likes it)
♡ Send us a cool photo with your purchased item
♡ Let us know if the item meets your wishes

What do we offer

We offer adaptive clothing for people with disabilities!


We have developed three models for the passive wheelchair user.


The coats are developed for the active wheelchair user.

Leg covers

The legwarmers are available for every type of wheelchair user.

What we do

All of our products are manufactured in our own atelier.


Personal attention




Made in the Netherlands


For you


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